Book Sales

Look for our sale books in front of the store and inside. We have crates of $1-$4 hardcovers, & .25-.50 cent paperbacks.

We offer coupons for those on our mailing list, and for our facebook fans, and we also let these fine people know when we are having a special sale.

Have any suggestions or questions? Drop us an email, or come into the store and person talk.

2 Responses to Book Sales

  1. esteban chavez says:

    hi i live near your bookstore and i was wondering if u give some sort of credit for books people bring in?

  2. Jeremy says:


    Hello. Yes, we do give store credit on books that we’d like to have in our store. If you have a small amount of books, come in w/them anytime and we’ll give them a look-see. If you have a lot of books (a box or more), please call us beforehand to make sure we have time & space for your books. Thank you,


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