Nice Things People Say About Us

Just a few of the nice things people say about READ Books.

LA WEEKLY Best of L.A. 2015

“Read Books is, first and foremost, a used bookstore. What most people don’t realize is that it has a treasure trove of old-time radio shows available on CD. The shop sells everything from sci-fi (X Minus One) and mysteries (The Mystery Train) to noir, crime shows (The Whisperer) and comedies (The Jack Benny Show). Most of the shows date from the 1930s to the ’50s, but there are outliers as recent as the ’70s as well. The collection of hundreds of CDs was acquired by the store a few years ago from a deceased collector, and most of them are still sealed in their original packaging.”

Octopus Grigori

“Read Books has a wealth of options for such a small place: a decent collection of first editions (in the glass shelf), good selections of mystery and sci-fi on top of a wide range of standard fiction and classics (why is MATING always prominently featured in used bookstores? and why does no one ever seem to be reading it?), a respectable drama section, a rotating rack of old and recent literary journals, the NYT and the LA Times, and a surprisingly extensive array of current magazines.”

“The store has a wonderful, cozy family feel to it….”

Gina Ruiz – BC* *blogcritics

Eagle Rock’s charming used bookstore.

The combination of a great children’s section, knowledgeable and extremely nice proprietors, good atmosphere and the cushy, deep couch that begs you to sit under the window and read a book all make a super winning combination and I find myself there more often than not.

From Yelp (make sure you look through Yelp’s Filtered reviews too)

“You know that comforting, warm old bookstore smell? Like 70s libraries and daydreams and naps…Read Books has this smell. It’s only been in town a few years, but feels like it was here before we were born, like the neighborhood has grown around it.”

“Teeny little bookstore. Nice magazine selection. Nice book selection too. Sci-fi was especially good. This place is cozy, and the owner is super nice. Prices are fair. ”

“Simply the best example of a family owned used book store in LA that I can think of. They are a great source of inexpensive quality reading material. Sure, the place may be small for some, but this should be seen as one of its charms.”

“My family loves this place. My daughters enjoy reading in the space they provide. When I walk into the store I am addressed by name–and I don’t get to visit as often as I like (maybe a couple times a month). Want to have a nice Friday? Visit Read Books in the afternoon and then walk over to the farmer’s market.”

“This tiny, yet charming and jam packed bookstore in Eagle Rock is amazing.  Debbie annd Jeremy, the owners are true book lovers and it shows.  They give amazing customer service, are knowledgeable and stock an astounding collection.  It’s not a big bookstore but there is some great stuff there.  I’ve spent many a pleasant hour there.  The store is kid friendly and they have a quite good children’s book section with some books almost new.”

And, READ was selected as the LA Weekly, Best of 2009 – Best Unknown Bookstore

“…aside from its insanely organized shelves, it also offers a small town coziness that larger, independent stores lack. Rare is a used bookstore that understands that used-book lovers aren’t hoarders and cat collectors, but rather lovers of pop culture and refined culture. Read is the absolute best little place to lose an afternoon and emerge delighted and excited with a handful of treasures.”

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