Unique Books in Stock

We carry a number of unique, signed, and first edition books.  We also have a large number of signed books from authors local to Eagle Rock and Los Angeles.

Signed Copies

Ali, Muhammad
Amis, Martin
Alvarez, Julia
Baker, Nicholas
Barris, Chuck
Block, Lawrence
Bogosian, Eric
Boyle, T.C.
Byatt, A.S.
Carroll, Jim
Carter, Jimmy
Castillo, Ana
Coen, Ethan
Cornwell, Patricia
Davis, Bette
Densmore, John
Des Barres, Pamela
Diamond, Jared
Ellis, Bret Easton
Ellison, Harlan
Ellroy, James
Fenech, Jeff
Gray, Spaulding
Hollandersky, Abe
Iyer, Pico
Keaton, Diane
Lee, Spike
McCartney, Paul
Mamet, David
McCabe, Patrick
Mosley, Walter
Numeroff, Laura
Oates, Joyce Carroll
Piazza, Mike
Sacks, Oliver
Sedaris, David
See, Carolyn
See, Lisa
Smith, Patti
Smith, Zadie
Soto, Gary
Tan, Amy
Villasenor, Victor
Vowell, Sarah
Waters, John
West, Cornell
Wiesel, Elie
Wooden, John

1st Editions

The Secret Garden (Burnett)
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas (Stein)
Ham On Rye (Bukowski)
Septuagenarian Stew (Bukowski)
Shakespeare Never Did This (Bukowski)
Oblivion (DF Wallace)
Strength of Love (Martin Luther King)
No Country for Old Men (McCarthy(
Diogenes in London (RL Stevenson)
Mayday (Faulkner)

Team of Rivals (Kearns Goodwin)
Cy Twombly Bacchus Psilax Mainomenos
Minnie & Moskowitz (Cassavetes)
From the Heart (June Carter Cash)
My Life on a Napkin (Rick Majerus)
Jewish Boxers Hall of Fame (Blady)
Oh What A Paradise It Seems (Cheever)
Portnoy’s Complaint (Roth)
Steel Toes (Little)
The Basic Eight (Handler)
The Jicarilla Apaches (Gunnerson)
There Once Was A Slave (Graham)

Strange and/or Collectible

Magick in Thoery & Practice (Crowley)
The Equinox Volume III (Crowley)
What I Know (Mark Mothersbaugh)
A Compact History of Everything and More (DFWallace) ARC
South of the Border, West of the Sun (Marukami) ARC
2666 (Bolano) ARC
5th & 6th World Open Kyokushin Karate Tournament Programs

Local Authors (Eagle Rock and Los Angeles) in Stock

Ricardo Vicente Reyes: The Dreamers (signed)
Jack Maeby: The Thorazine Mirrorball  (signed)
Carol Tanzman: The Shadow Place (signed)
Eric Warren: Eagle Rock

2 Responses to Unique Books in Stock

  1. Marc Shapiro-the writer guy says:

    Hey Jeremy: For stocking stuffing purposes. Need any Doctor Who books or anything else Doctor Who you might have. Thanks Marc out

  2. Jeremy says:


    Hi. We have a few left. I’ll set them aside for you. Thanks,


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